Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is Finally enjoying School.... A Bit

I am having a pretty good time at school althoguh there are somme bullies and stuff.... But I have A really good friend in My Class Her Name is Lauren. We always hang out at recess An she calls me an yeah shes a good friend :D

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Anime Girls/boys ( With 1 of Torys And 2 Of aleks)

Thank you And Please comment!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm Making up a story. PLEASE READ!! (Chp. 2 only)

The Adventures of Princess Anna Dale

Chapter 2 The Royal Ball

I followed my mother into a large room. This room was probably the Ballroom. The wallpaper was gold and white. It was very fancy. I saw a place where my mother and I were supposed to sit. We went over to our chairs and sat. Natalie (my older sister) was sitting by me. My father also known as King Harold was sitting by my mother. “Hello father!” I greeted him with a smile and so did my mother.”Anna you look gorgeous!” I smiled and said “This dress is perfect and Envoes is the best hairstylist I’ve ever had!” He laughed. “You say that about each stylist every year!” We both laughed that time. I heard a laugh beside me and remembered Natalie was there. “Natalie, Hello! You look even better than me!” She had a green dress on. Gold stripes on some parts. The top was light green and the bottom was dark green. Her long black hair went down to the middle of her back. “Anna, Thank you, but I think you look better. I just have straight hair and you have a beautiful, blue, detailed dress. You look way better!” She was waiting for me to agree with her and say that I was prettier but I disagreed by saying “There’s nothing wrong with straight hair. You look great with straight hair! Your dress doesn’t have to be detailed its beautiful!-“I would have kept going if someone hadn’t interrupted me. It was a boy and he said “Would you like to dance?” I nodded, hugged my sister, and took his hand. “You must be Princess Anna. I’m Prince Arnie.” I noticed he shining bronze hair, his white suit, and a ruby red rose in his pocket. I curtsied and he bowed. We started dancing. “You’re a great dancer. I’m not very good.” That was true. I was a horrible dancer. “I don’t even think what I’m doing is dancing. More like stumbling or tripping.” He laughed. “Maybe a bit of both.” He said with a grin. I laughed with him and said “I think more than a bit.” He laughed when I said that. I heard a growl coming from my stomach and blushed. “You must be hungry. I have ears like a mouse.” He winked at me and pulled me to a food table. There were a bunch of choices for food. No pasta though. (My favorite food) I sighed and picked up a plate of Italian noodles. I saw Arnie grab a plate of Italian noodles too. We sat down at a small table and began eating. I was sure to use my manners. The right fork, elbow not on table, no slouching, no talking with mouth full, and chew with my mouth closed. He did all that and didn’t even look like he was trying. He was very neat. I was alright. Still trying not to slouch. That was probably the hardest part for me. He wasn’t having any trouble though. After he swallowed his food he said “How do you like you Italian noodles?” I swallowed before I answered and said “It’s quite lovely. How are you enjoying your noodles?” I waited for him to answer before I took a bite. (I might have to say something and I don’t want him to be waiting for me to swallow.) He replied by saying “Its quite good but I’m not a big fan of Italian. Just testing it out.” That was surprising because he looked like he was enjoying it. “Is that so? Well I’m not a big fan of Italian…just noodles.” Truth be told…I didn’t know they were Italian till I took a bite. I wonder if he knew it was Italian and tried it or if he just got it because I did. We finished eating and cleaned up our plates. “Did you want to dance again? Or are you tired of dancing? Well maybe you’re still hungry.” He was probably listening for a growl again. My stomach didn’t growl. “I don’t exactly like dancing.” He laughed.”I didn’t think you did.” We both laughed and I noticed that Natalie was dancing with a boy. She looked pretty happy. But nervous too. Like she was up to something. I had no clue what it was so I ignored it. “We could dance if you really wanted to.” I didn’t want him to dance but I had to be polite. “Well I think we’ll do what you want to. Unless its just sitting around. That makes my back ache.” I was going say just sit and talk but I think that is sitting around. I guess I’ll ask if we can just talk. I kind of had to go to the bathroom. That’s something I’m doing. I think that still counts. “I have to go to the restroom.” He laughed. “Okay. I’ll just wait.” I walked to the restroom. On my way there I fell to the floor when someone hit me on the head. I saw a dark figure hovering above me. I couldn’t make out who it was. The only thing I could see was a green fancy shirt or dress. They must have been from the dance. I started drifting away into the darkness.

I'm Making up a story. PLEASE READ!! (Chp. 1 only)

The Adventures of Princess Anna Dale
Chapter 1 Preparation
I was asleep when all of a sudden I heard a knock on my door. “Anna.” My mother said. I quickly got up and answered my door. “Yes mother?” I already had an idea of what she was going to say. Probably that I had to get ready for the royal the Royal Ball.” We need to make you presentable. You have to go to the Royal Ball remember?” I was right. I love going to balls so it wasn’t much of a problem. “Yes of course I remember. How could I forget? I especially love getting pretty dresses and getting my hair done.”That was true. I don’t like dancing though. But I have to. Boys love dancing with me.”Well Anna, you can do all those if you start now.” I did want to do all that just not now. I’m still tired. “Fine even though I’m tired.” She gave me a stern look. I knew that meant that I was to behave. “I mean Yes. Now is perfect.” She smiled slightly and said “First you need a bath. Don’t be to long.” She pulled me to a room with bluish whitish wallpaper and the floor had blue tiles. I saw a white bath tub. “Okay I’ll leave now. You need to use shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and acne cream, paint your toenails and finger nails, and put some make up on. That’s about all.” I was shocked by the long list but nodded my head and climbed in the tub. My mother left and I looked for the shampoo. I saw many different kinds of shampoos. One caught my eye. It was Fresh Strawberry Mountain shampoo. I squirted some on my hand and scrubbed my head. I rinsed and saw a conditioner to match the shampoo. It was Fresh Strawberry Mountain also. I squirted some on my hand and brushed my fingers through my hair. Next on the list was body wash. I found some Vanilla Body wash and squirted some on my scrunchy thing and rubbed it on my body. After the body wash came acne cream. I got out of the tub got a robe and rapped it around me. I got my acne cream and rubbed it on my face. Now I had to paint my toenails and fingernails. I wasn’t sure what color to do. I decided that it should match what I was going to wear. The only problem was that I didn’t know what to wear. I guess I will wear a blue dress. That means blue toes though….hmm. I could do a light blue to match my dress…I guess that would be good. I got the nail polish and painted my toenails and fingernails. All I had to do now was make up. I thought I should do some light make-up. I grabbed an eye shadow stick thing and dabbed it in some light blue eye shadow. I rubbed It over both my eyelids. I put a darker blue over it and brushed it lightly against my eyelids. Next was my lips. I put some chap stick on and found some red lipstick and put it on my lips. Now I had to do blush. I found a reddish pinkish color and brushed it against my cheek bones. I was ready for my clothes now. I walked out of the bathroom and began looking for my mom. I found her in a closet full of dresses. “Oh your finally finished. You look gorgeous!” She looked happy. “So do I get to choose the dress?” I was hoping I would because I already did blue for nail polish and eye shadow. “Of course you do, Anna! Any dress. Just make it snappy!” She grinned and sat in a chair. That probably meant that she was going to wait for me to choose one. I started skimming through the dresses and saw a blue sparkly one. I picked it up to look at it more closely. It had long sleeves, it was about ankle length, and had sparkles everywhere. My favorite part was that it was light blue. Just the right color dress for me. I held it up to my mom. She looked surprised but happy. “Can I wear this? Do you like it?” I sounded like I was begging her to say yes. “Of Course you can! It’s a beautiful dress. “ I saw a blue pair of high heels. I slipped them on my feet. I was excited and a bit nervous about the ball.”Okay time for you to get your hair done.” She led me to a room with a chair in it. There was a man next to the chair. He bowed and said “You must be Princess Anna. I’m Envoes. I will be styling your hair!” I curtsied and said “ Well please don’t cut my hair….just style it.” He looked a bit shocked. “ I would never cut off such beautiful long brown hair. Not even if you told me to. Besides long brown hair matches your brown eyes.” I closed my eyes and sat through what I think was an hour of hair styling. I opened my eyes when I felt Envoes turn the chair to a mirror. I looked at me in the mirror. I had curls everywhere. I don’t think there was a single straight hair! “ Wow thank you Envoes! I look amazing! Do you like it mother?” She replied excitingly “OF COURSE!!” Now it was time to go to the ball.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Twilight ^_^

I recently watched Twilight. I think the book is MUCH better! The movie wasn't good at first but then I got into it and was sad when it ended. I hope to finish the book soon! In the picture Carlisle is the first boy on the top. Next to him is Esme the fist girl on the top.Then next to her is Jasper, Then Alice, And the first one on the bottom is Rosalie, Next to her is Emmett, Then Edward, And the picture by Edward is a girl named Bella (the picture with color)

Friday, September 26, 2008

My First PhotoFunia picture!

This is my first PhotoFunia picture.....I wasn't sure what to choose so I decided to do this!

Monday, July 7, 2008

= (

I will Not Be talking about my book today because of my MEAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1